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About Me

I make games and other similar programs as something to do in my spare time. I mostly make projects with GameMaker and METAL, but I sometimes use other apps as well. I use a simple text editor to type up the contents of this website.
Most of the graphics in my projects are done completely within GameMaker, but I sometimes make use of other tools like Mechanisto, Terragen, GraphicConverter, GifBuilder, MoviePlayer, ResEdit, Rezilla, Pixen, etc.

About some of the tools I use

  • GameMaker
    Mac GameMaker is an easy to use card based development system for the Macintosh which allows you to create adventure games with graphics, buttons, and text (you can also use its BASIC-like scripting language to make more advanced games). Games can be compiled into standalone applications that don't require a copy of GameMaker to run. I mostly use versions 3.5 (I especially like this version for its ability to compile for everything), 3.9, and I also update to the latest versions.
  • METAL 1.7.3
    A great BASIC-like development app (also for the Macintosh) that unfortunately seems to have been abandoned by its creator. It makes "carbonized" apps that run on OS 8.6 or higher, as well as on Mac OS X.
  • Mechanisto
    An old 3D graphics and animtion tool last updated in the Mid-90s. While not as powerful as modern tools like Blender, it is extremely easy to use and is still powerful enough for most of my 3D graphics needs. In the hands of a more skilled user, it is capable of amazing stuff.