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Click a game title to download it. You will need StuffIt to uncompress the files. Mac OS X users can use the DMG link to download a disk image version if available.


  • SpyMission v0.3 [1012KB Stuffit 5 Archive] [DMG]
    You are a spy searching a building for some secret computer files. Version 0.3 makes minor changes, and removes the repetitive music loop. Still compatible with PPC Macs running 7.5-9.2.2 (Classic) or PPC and Intel Macs running 8.5-9.2.2 and OS X 10.1 or higher (Carbon). Made in GameMaker.
  • PissMeOff! 3D v0.1 [188KB Stuffit 5 Archive] [DMG]
    A "3D" experimental version of the original PMO! game. Most of the features have been removed for this experimental version, but I plan to bring the weapons back in a future release. NOTE: This version has a bug which causes the image to have white tears in it under OS X. This glitch doesn't occur in OS 9. Made with METAL.

Completed Games

  • ReallifeRPG (2004) [440KB Stuffit 5 Archive] [DMG]
    A boring life simulation game. I made this back in 2004, and it is now back from the dead. It has been freshly recompiled in GM 3.9.0, but has been left mostly unchanged. The archive contains a Carbon and a Classic version. The Classic version will run on systems as early as a PPC Mac running Mac OS 7.6 without CarbonLib. Made in GameMaker.
  • PissMeOff! [112KB Stuffit 5 Archive] [DMG]
    A simple game inspired by something I discovered on the Internet a long time ago that lets you "shoot" at an image of your choice. Press a number key to switch between the 6 available weapons (see if you can also find the hidden one!). The source code for its "engine" is available here. Made with METAL.

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