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Click a file to download it. You will need StuffIt to uncompress the files unless stated otherwise. Mac OS X users can use the DMG link to download a disk image version if available.

Collaborative Projects

  • FotA (Preview) [1.1MB Stuffit 5 Archive] [DMG]
    An old collaborative project I participated in that was never really completed. The most recent alpha (not actually available for download, but pictured below) had only one simple puzzle. This preview was compiled as a Carbon app and is nothing more than poor quality screenshots of an RPG Maker version used for prototyping. WARNING: Contains immature content.

GM Sample Code

  • Shop Example [12KB Stuffit 5 Archive] [DMG]
    A simple demonstration of a way to make a shop in GameMaker. This code is compatible with GM 3.1 or higher, and uses a maximum of only 5 lines of code per script to allow demo users to experiment with it.
  • Making a Simple Adventure Game [2.7MB MOV] [OGV]
    A slideshow demonstrating the process of creating a simple card-based adventure game in GameMaker without any of the advanced features. This video file will only work on newer systems, but the resulting game below is useable with OS9.
    • Dragonslayer Sample Game [336KB Stuffit 5 Archive] [DMG]
      The game project files and app made in the slideshow demonstration. No scripting or advanced features were used in this game project. Try playing with the project file, adding more places where players must make choices, alternate paths, etc., or perhaps try adding some advanced features like character stat build-up, hunger, or inventory. Have fun!

Miscellaneous - NOTE: Some files listed here were NOT made by me.

  • Simple Car Object [4KB Mechanisto Object File]
    A group of primitives piled together to look like a poorly-made car. You will need Mechanisto and a PPC Mac running Classic to use this file. Right-click or Control-click on the link if your browser tries to view instead of download the file.
  • RPG Maker Screenshots [992KB Stuffit 5 Archive]
    A collection of screenshots I captured of RPG Maker (PSone) for posting on the GMG forums. RPG Maker is an old game for the PlayStation that allows you to make your own games or play games created by others! If you want to have the option of easily distributing any games you create with RPG Maker, I recommend building your game within an emulator like PCSX that uses virtual memory card files rather than a real PlayStation console with real PlayStation memory cards (Unless you have an old Windows 95/98 machine and a DexDrive lying around somewhere).
  • GameMaker Demo v3.1 [204KB Stuffit Archive]
    Al has given me a copy of GMDEMO 3.1 to make available for users of 68K Mac emulators like Basilisk II (Thanks, Al!). If you haven't switched to the Mac yet, you can download Basilisk II and this file to try out GM! (Check out my Links page for some 68K emulation resources) If you are looking for the latest version of GameMaker or registration instructions, please visit the Mac GameMaker website.