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Click a software title to download it. You will need StuffIt to uncompress the files. Mac OS X users can use the DMG link to download a disk image version if available.
  • PasswordLock [80KB Stuffit 5 Archive] [DMG]
    A simple program that keeps people from using your computer while you're away. Made with METAL.
  • ScrollText 2.0 [84KB Stuffit 5 Archive] [DMG]
    A simple scrolling marquee screensaver. In version 2, you are now able save strings with spaces to the prefs file. Version 1 is still available here. Made with METAL.
  • ToD Clock [2MB Stuffit 5 Archive] [DMG]
    A simple demonstration of my Time of Day sample code article posted on the GMG. Uses graphics generated with Terragen. I made this one in the oldest version of GameMaker that I have (3.5), and it has been compiled for 68K and Carbon. It will run on machines as old as a 68K Mac running 7.5, and also runs on new Macs. Made in GameMaker.